The Difference Between Fill Color and Highlighter (Word 2007)

Have you ever encountered a situation where you couldn’t remove the highlights in a sentence or paragraph? Take a look at the sample below:


You tried removing the yellow highlights by clicking the Text Highlight Color  button and selecting the No Color option, and yet, the highlights stubbornly remain.

Well, that’s probably because the text wasn’t highlighted in the first place. It was shaded. Follow these two simple steps to remove the shaded text:

1.  Select the yellow shaded text.


2.  Click the Fill Color  button and select No Color.


And that’s it. The shading disappears. You might be wondering what is the difference between shading and highlighting since they both seem to produce the same result. Oh well, here’s the table that summarises it:



2 Responses to The Difference Between Fill Color and Highlighter (Word 2007)

  1. Nancy Pichler says:

    My “no Color” fill color has somehow changed to the yellow that I used to highlight the text. When I select “No Color” to stays on yellow. Any ideas on how to change the default “No Color” to actually no color?

    • perrinator says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for visiting my site. Unfortunately, I do not know how to resolve your problem. I tried to simulate the problem but it turned out fine. Perhaps you can email me the source file and let me try to troubleshoot it?

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