How to Change the Size of a Slide in Notes Pages Printout (PowerPoint 2007)

Generally, the default size of a slide is large enough for reading when it is printed out in Notes Pages mode. But somehow, the set of slides that my manager received appears to be smaller than usual. Take a look at the following picture:


Slide A (the one my manager has) appears smaller than Slide B (the default size) in the Notes Pages printout view. He wants to make it bigger and here’s how it’s done:

1.  Click the View tab and select Notes Master from the Presentation Views group.


2.  You are now in the Notes Master mode. Click on the slide and the resize handle bar appears on the border of the slide.


3.  Drag the resize handle bar to adjust the size of the slide.


4.  Once you get the desired size, move the slide to the centre. Then move the Master Textbox below the slide so that the text will appear just below it.


5.  Click the Close Master View button to return to normal slide view.


6.  Now, let’s do a print preview of the newly adjusted slide. Click the Office button and select Print. From the submenu that appears, click Print Preview.


7.  Voila! You now have a bigger slide when it is printed out in Notes Pages mode.



3 Responses to How to Change the Size of a Slide in Notes Pages Printout (PowerPoint 2007)

  1. LaNette says:

    That works great for one slide. How do you make it apply to all slides?

    • perrinator says:

      Hi Lanette, this change automatically applies to all slides. Also, do ensure that when you edit the slide, you are editing the Notes Master, not the Notes Pages. That’s because if you are editing in Notes Page mode, only that particular page will be updated. Editing in Notes Master mode will update all the pages. Hope this helps!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    THANK YOU!!!

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