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Add A New Word In Between Two Words with Find and Replace Function (Excel 2013)

Geez, it’s like I’m on a PMS streak with using the Find and Replace function! I’ve again stumbled upon another trick when I want to ADD a new word in between two words that occur in multiple cells and rows!

Remove Leading Space from Multiple Rows (Excel 2013)

My latest adventure in work got me splitting some data into rows and then scratching my head (unnecessarily) for a situation I didn’t expect after the split… There are over 40 country codes living happily together in one cell but I have to be Cruella de Vil and split them up into lonely individual row. Unfortunately, the split comes with excess baggage – a leading space.

The Trick to Inserting an Image in a Specific Cell without the Need for Macro (Excel 2013)

Inserting an image into an Excel file is very easy and straightforward as you would do so in any Word or PowerPoint file. The challenging bit is…to insert an image in a specific cell. This also means that you intend to ‘lock’ an image in a particular cell so that the image will stay put in that cell only. You don’t really need macro to help you with this. You just need a little trick to do the job!

6 Types of Hyperlink You Can Create in Excel (Excel 2013)

Creating hyperlinks in Excel can be beneficial in terms of helping you to navigate better, i.e. jumping from one worksheet or cell to another, or opening an external file that is linked to a particular worksheet. Here are six types of hyperlink that you can easily create in Excel:

Create Table of Contents in Excel File (Excel 2013)

There are times where your spreadsheet will expand and have several worksheets within the same spreadsheet file. Normally, you would click the worksheet tabs (or next / previous arrow buttons) to navigate between worksheets. That’s okay, but…if you have more than 15 of them, it will be rather troublesome to sort through the list of tabs in your file just to find that particular worksheet!

Merge Multiple Cells at Once (Vertically / Horizontally) with Format Painter (Excel 2013)

Merging multiple cells across rows and columns is a fairly straightforward task. Simply choose the number of cells that you wish to merge, then click the Merge Cells button. Easy peasy, no? What if, you want to merge a defined set of cells in a repeated manner vertically (i.e. across several rows) and / or horizontally (i.e. across several columns)?

Capitalise All Letters in a Row or Column (Excel 2013)

It is so easy to capitalise all the letters in a sentence or paragraph in Word (and vice versa), but it isn’t exactly straightforward to do the same in Excel. Yes folks, you can actually change the capitalisation of the words in Excel too! It just requires extra steps to achieve it as compared to Word.

Highlight Cell Based On Specific Word or Value with Find and Replace Function (Excel 2013)

It’s very easy to search for words or values (and replace them) in any excel-generated report by using the Find and Replace function. Do you also know that you can actually highlight the cell (i.e. fill in the cell colour) whenever that particular word or value is located?

Top 4 Basic Formulas You Should Know (Excel 2010)

There are just so many formulas in Excel that you could use to your advantage, especially when your report involves a fair bit of calculation or requires a certain amount of analysis. I will share with you, my top four basic formulas that I frequently use in most of my reporting tasks.

Simple Conditional Formatting (Excel 2010)

Conditional formatting in Excel has many useful purposes. I normally use it to alert or warn me if a certain condition is met (or otherwise). Let me get started on how I use this feature in a spreadsheet that I have developed to monitor the status of a data migration project.