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Capitalise All Letters in a Row or Column (Excel 2013)

It is so easy to capitalise all the letters in a sentence or paragraph in Word (and vice versa), but it isn’t exactly straightforward to do the same in Excel. Yes folks, you can actually change the capitalisation of the words in Excel too! It just requires extra steps to achieve it as compared to Word.

Highlight Cell Based On Specific Word or Value with Find and Replace Function (Excel 2013)

It’s very easy to search for words or values (and replace them) in any excel-generated report by using the Find and Replace function. Do you also know that you can actually highlight the cell (i.e. fill in the cell colour) whenever that particular word or value is located?

Top 4 Basic Formulas You Should Know (Excel 2010)

There are just so many formulas in Excel that you could use to your advantage, especially when your report involves a fair bit of calculation or requires a certain amount of analysis. I will share with you, my top four basic formulas that I frequently use in most of my reporting tasks.

Simple Conditional Formatting (Excel 2010)

Conditional formatting in Excel has many useful purposes. I normally use it to alert or warn me if a certain condition is met (or otherwise). Let me get started on how I use this feature in a spreadsheet that I have developed to monitor the status of a data migration project.

Change the Values in a Drop-down List (Excel 2010)

This simple tutorial will show you how easy it is to change the values in a drop-down list.

Insert Multiple Lines of Text within the Same Cell (Excel 2007)

Most of the action logs that I’ve created and maintained contain detailed updates to each action item in a cell. However, I don’t want the cell to look too cluttered with these updates, and I prefer to insert a new line for every update that I have. In other words, I’m creating a line break within the same cell. Here’s an example of a cluttered cell:

Create a Bulleted List in a Cell (Excel 2007)

It is very easy to create a bulleted list in Word or PowerPoint. All you have to do is to click the Bullets button in the Paragraph group (under the Home tab). But you couldn’t do the same in Excel because there is no Bullets button that you can instantly click on. Well, I’ll show you how to do it in a few simple steps.

How to Enable Macros (Excel 2007)

Have you ever downloaded a form or tried to open an excel file, only to find a security warning message that says “Macros have been disabled” and nothing seems to work when you click a particular button?

Excel Viewer 2007

If your computer is installed with Microsoft Office 2003 (which includes Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) but you need to open and view an excel file in 2007 format (it has the extension of .xlsx), chances are, you won’t be able to open it. Fret not, there is a solution to this. Simply google for Excel Viewer 2007, select one link from the result list – in this case, I’ve selected: – and click to begin downloading. After you have downloaded the file, follow these simple steps to install: