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The Best Way to Present a Global Project Status

I am very fortunate to have worked in small local projects and large global projects with varying challenges and uniqueness. This gives me the experience I needed to work on presenting the status update of different project types. It also gives me better insight on what works well and what doesn’t, which I will share with you in this post.

You May Not Know This, But You Can Simulate Mobile Device with Chrome Browser!

Yep, Chrome is more than just an ordinary browser. It’s jam-packed with loads of other features that most of us ordinary folks wouldn’t be using it. The one that’s most useful in my line of work is Chrome’s ability to simulate mobile device right from the PC!

How to Effectively Use Google Search for Getting the Best Image

Don’t know the formula to solve your excel problem? Ask Google. Don’t know the best restaurant in town? Ask Google. Don’t know how to cook the perfect ravioli? Ask Google. It’s all Google, Google, Google. When it comes to my work, I rely on Google a lot, especially when I have to create customized presentation for project updates or for a fun spooky Halloween department meeting.

How to Remove Document Information Panel (Office 2013)

Are you annoyed by the Document Information Panel (DIP) that appears every time you open your file? This panel seems to appear in some of the Microsoft Office files that are downloaded from the company’s SharePoint server. If you are, well, I have a solution for you (but it’s not exactly permanent!).

The Proper Way to Upgrade Your WordPress

It is always a good practice to keep your WordPress updated. Whenever a new version of WordPress is available, the message “WordPress X.X is available! Please update now” will appear in your WordPress main screen where X.X refers to the latest released version. There are two ways to upgrade your WordPress, i.e. one-click update and manual. This tutorial will focus on the one-click update.

How to Disable Responsive Feature in WordPress (LineMix Theme)

Many developers are jumping on the responsive web design (RWD) bandwagon, creating a flurry of responsive themes that will dynamically transform your viewing experience based on the device you use to surf the web. But not everyone will find it suitable for their site (and yes, I am one of them!). In this tutorial, I will show you how you can disable this feature for LineMix theme (version 2.5).

4 Ways to Backup Your WordPress Site

I’ve had my fair share of horror stories on data loss. I lost my laptop to nasty thieves one night after work, and my last data backup was as old as one month! The amount of work I need to do in order to rebuild what I have lost was almost unimaginable! Then there was this incident where my laptop just died on me. Although I did perform periodic backups, I still need to rework on some files where recovery was just impossible.

5 Project Documentation Mistakes You Are Making

Having worked with a diverse group of people in various industries, I have dealt with a lot of project documentation of varying types, ranging from user requirements and system design to scope of work and project charter. More often than not, mistakes are unavoidable (we are humans after all!) but some mistakes just shouldn’t be repeated. Here are the top five mistakes that I often encountered in project documentation:

How to Quickly Align Shapes in Your Drawing (Visio 2007)

Drawing with precision takes a lot of effort and time, but this is usually necessary when you want to create a good quality professional diagram. Thankfully, Visio has an excellent feature that enables you to quickly align your shapes horizontally or vertically.