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The Best Way to Present a Global Project Status

I am very fortunate to have worked in small local projects and large global projects with varying challenges and uniqueness. This gives me the experience I needed to work on presenting the status update of different project types. It also gives me better insight on what works well and what doesn’t, which I will share with you in this post.

The Trick to Animating Multiple Objects with the Same Animation Style (PowerPoint 2013)

This is one helluva useful trick I’ve learnt that saves me time when I need to create the same animation style for multiple objects (especially if the animation is complex and you really don’t want to painstakingly recreate it click-by-click). The tool that’ll save your life is Animation Painter!

Get (Spookily) Creative with Your Department Meeting Presentation (PowerPoint 2013)

Let’s face it, meetings are (usually) boring. You either play with your phone, yawn excessively or count imaginary sheep right above your head. I guess the biggest challenge in every meeting is how to engage the audience with your content. So, when I received our department meeting invite that was coincidentally scheduled on Halloween’s Day, I got super excited and pitched the idea of using a Halloween theme presentation to my department head…and she agreed!

Create a Slide’s Footer Using Shape with Gradient (PowerPoint 2013)

I know, I know…I’ve been MIA for like an eternity (blame the darn ravioli!) In my earlier post (zion ages ago), I’ve highlighted some interesting ways to spice up your regular agenda slide. Now, I’ll show you how to create a slide footer that is slightly different from the conventional ones – using a shape and fill it with gradient.

Interesting Ideas for Eye-Catching Agenda Slide (PowerPoint 2013)

Let me tell you this. I was totally flabbergasted when I was approached by the Head of Department who seeks for my permission to use my agenda slide for her department meeting. W. O. W. Totally. Floored. I think it would be a good idea to share some interesting agenda slides that I’ve created for work and especially for this post. Now, let’s deviate from the normal (boring) agendas and get kicking with these interesting ones!

How to Emulate Website Overlay Technique in PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2013)

Website overlay is widely used to give users focused attention on something. This technique is often adopted to promote a newly launched product, get users to sign up for newsletters, showcase a gallery of photos, alert users of system error or prompt users for action. Isn’t it great to use this overlay technique in your presentation, especially if you want to conduct a system demonstration or training?

How to Apply New Template to Existing Presentation Slide & What to Do Next (PowerPoint 2013)

You will probably find these scenarios familiar. Scenario 1. You are in the midst of preparing a presentation for a project kick-off meeting with the client. Your division then blasts an email, requiring all project delivery team members to use the latest corporate template as part of the compliance process. Scenario 2. You are knee-deep in preparing a presentation for a project progress meeting with the client. The client then comes back to you and says “Please use our template instead”. What would you do in these situations?

2 Interesting Ways to Create Bulleted Lists (PowerPoint 2013)

Generally, when preparing a presentation slide, most of us would use the default bullet style in PowerPoint (yes, that boring, black dot).  In fact, I’ve seen the same bullet style being used in almost all of the projects I’ve worked on for the past nine years. The only minor deviation from the rather traditional style, is the use of other bullet types, i.e. the ones you can easily select from the bullet library.

Three Useful Tips to Control Your Slide Show (PowerPoint 2010)

While there are countless tips and tricks out there, these three are perhaps the most widely used based on my experience so far.

How to Change the Size of a Slide in Notes Pages Printout (PowerPoint 2007)

Generally, the default size of a slide is large enough for reading when it is printed out in Notes Pages mode. But somehow, the set of slides that my manager received appears to be smaller than usual. Take a look at the following picture: