Response Vs. Respond – The Common Mistakes Made

One of the common mistakes that I have (primarily) came across in email correspondences is the usage of the words “response” and “respond”. Take a look at the following screenshots of actual emails (and a draft document) that I have received:

mistake_response1Email Correspondence 1

mistake_response2Email Correspondence 2

mistake_response4Email Correspondence 3

mistake_response5Email Correspondence 4

mistake_response6Email Correspondence 5

mistake_response3 Draft Document

The confusion that arises here is likely due to the fact that the writer does not know how to distinguish which one is a verb and which one is a noun. A verb is used to describe an action in a sentence. The word “respond” is a verb, and it describes the action of replying. A noun is used to describe almost everything that we can see or able to talk about, i.e., actions, animals, ideas / concepts, objects / things, people and places. The word “response” is a noun, and  it is a reply or an answer to a question or something that requires a response.

Here’s the corrected grammar of the above emails and draft document:

Email Correspondence 1

I will respond to your email when I am back then.

Email Correspondence 2

Dear all,
I am so sorry for not being able to respond to all of you earlier.

Email Correspondence 3

Dear John Doe,
Thank you so much for the prompt response. Cheers!

Email Correspondence 4

Please see my responses below…

Email Correspondence 5

Dear John Doe,
Response received from ITD. Please take note of the timetable below.

Draft Document

3. Be able to respond to emergency situations effectively.


30 Responses to Response Vs. Respond – The Common Mistakes Made

  1. cruzlaurin says:

    Which is correct if you want to thank someone for responding to your concern immediately?

    “Thank you for your immediate response.” or “Thank you for your immediate respond”.

  2. Devs Marie Catungal says:

    Hi wat is the right sentence.
    Here is my respond to your email or Here is my response to your email?

    • perrinator says:

      Hi Devs, I don’t think it’s common to use such phrase when replying an email, but if you must, then “Here is my response to your email” would be more accurate than “Here is my respond to your email”

  3. kenneth tan says:

    I am making a video slide, one of the slides have a short text, “prompt respond”. The slide image with a lady working in front of her laptop. Is the word, respond I use correct?

  4. SDT says:

    Hello I’m usually not baffled but I’m making a program for an appreciation program, I have a “ welcome “ now I’m requesting a respond or a response? Please help!!!

  5. Yulia DR says:

    Is it correct? “Text me for quick response”.
    Thank you

  6. meena baser says:

    hello sir
    if we sent massages to someone but he/she didn’t reply. but after some days he/she say hi. then what we should use that “i sent to urgent msg but i don’t get response/respond yet.”
    which is right here?

  7. Glady Villanueva says:

    What is the right sentence?
    Hoping for you quick respond or response?

  8. Glory says:

    Is it correct? “Thank you so much for your prompt response & action”.



  10. charmie says:

    In a liturgy particular in should I say it?response? Or respond?

  11. Aleksander says:

    What is right: ‘a response to’ or ‘a response on’?

  12. prem says:

    I have not received the respond yet or response yet.

  13. Mavs says:

    Which of the sentences is correct? I response to your email or I responded to your email?

    • perrinator says:

      Hi Mavs,

      It depends on the context and intention/purpose of your reply. For example, if you are asked whether you have replied to a person’s email, then you can say “I have responded to your email yesterday/earlier” if you have already replied. But if you have not, then you can say “I will respond to your email soon/on (a date).” You can also use the word “reply”, i.e., “I have replied to your email yesterday/earlier” or “I will reply to your email soon”

    • Josmosefidel says:

      Hi Mavs, the statement should be RESPONDED because it reflect on action i.e. Adverb.

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