Bullet Does Not Appear in Second Line of Text (PowerPoint 2007)

So here’s the scenario. You are editing a slide that you’ve inherited from somebody else in your workplace. Then, you decided to create a list item with five bullets and you stumbled upon the weirdest thing ever – the bullet does not appear in the second line of text onwards! You’ve clicked the Bullets and Format Painter button, and tried the copy and paste method, but nothing works. What could be wrong?

Well, that’s because you are trying to create a list item in a Title Master textbox, which does not work.


The solution is simple. You just need to create the bulleted list item in a normal textbox:

1.  Click the Insert tab and select TextBox from the Text group.


2.  Drag the textbox handle to create the textbox container.


3.  Start creating your bulleted list item in this textbox. If you don’t know how to create a bulleted list item, you should read this post.


But how can you tell whether the textbox is a Title Master, or a normal one? Well, depending on the settings in your computer, when you first launch the Powerpoint application, you will see a default blank slide with two textbox containers, something like this:


The textbox at the top is usually the Title Master textbox and the textbox at the bottom is the normal textbox.


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  1. Marlene says:

    Thank you!! This issue has troubled me for years and now I finally get it.

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