Search for Highlighted Words Using Find and Replace Function (Word 2010)

In my previous post on how you can creatively use the Find and Replace function to do more than just the average task of finding and replacing words, you can also use this function to search for highlighted words throughout the document. But then you’d probably wonder, why would you want to highlight some words and then search for it later?

Well, let me share with you on my experience with this. I was assigned to come up with a draft proposal with very basic information given to me as a start. As I began drafting the proposal, I noticed that there were a lot of fields or sections of the document that needed more information / clarification, which can only be obtained at a later stage. So, I will need to revisit some of these incomplete parts later on, and then revise / populate it with the information once I have it.

It will be a complete waste of time if I were to scroll through the document (over 30 pages) and then check which ones needed to be edited. And what if I missed out on the sections that require updates? So, here’s how I have discovered that I can actually ‘bookmark’ the sections that I wanted to revisit later on, simply by using the Find and Replace function:

1.  Highlight (pick a color you like!) the words or sentences throughout the document where you want to review them later on.

2.  Click the mini arrow next to the Find button under the Editing group from the Home tab and select Advanced Find from the drop-down menu that appears.


3.  A Find and Replace dialog box appears. Click the More button to expand the dialog box options.


4.  Click the Format button and select Highlight from the list of displayed options.


5.  You will notice that a second line, i.e. Format: Highlight, appears under the Find what field. Do not type anything into the Find what field. To begin searching for the highlighted words, click the Find Next button.


That’s it! Yes, another way of doing this is to use the New Comment feature where you can include more notes to review / revisit the sections later on. If you have other ideas of doing the same, please don’t be shy! Share it with all of us!  :)

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