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How to Get Rid of Markups and View the Document as Final (Word 2010)

Have you came across a document that opens up a dizzyingly view of red markings and balloons all over the place such as this one?

Search for Highlighted Words Using Find and Replace Function (Word 2010)

In my previous post on how you can creatively use the Find and Replace function to do more than just the average task of finding and replacing words, you can also use this function to search for highlighted words throughout the document. But then you’d probably wonder, why would you want to highlight some words and then search for it later?

Change the Formatting of Selected Words Throughout the Document (Word 2010)

Most of us use the Find and Replace function for basic word search and/or to replace an existing word with a new one. You can certainly do more than that. Here’s the scenario. An engineer came up to me and asked whether he could do a global change on the formatting for selected words throughout a 20-page document without having to search and replace it one by one. Well, of course he can. Here’s how:

How to Increase Space Between Text and its Surrounding Cell Border (Word 2007)

When you create a table filled with texts in each cell, you will notice that by default, all the texts seem to appear very close to the cell border, which makes the table content look cluttered.

The Easier Way to Embed Email Object (Word 2007)

SJNSBEFW3UV6A reader sent an email to me, asking if there is a simpler method to embed an email message (Outlook) into a document and rename the Outlook icon, rather than following through the detailed steps in my previous posts (part one and part two). I did a few experiments, and turns out that there is a simpler way but it yields a different outcome when it comes to renaming the icon, and it all depends on your method of copying and pasting the Outlook email.

The Difference Between Fill Color and Highlighter (Word 2007)

Have you ever encountered a situation where you couldn’t remove the highlights in a sentence or paragraph? Take a look at the sample below:

Change The Icon of an Embedded Email Object (Word 2007)

In my previous tutorial, you have learnt how to insert an email message (Outlook) as an embedded object in a document. Now, let’s take a look at how you can change the look of a default icon into something more interesting.

Insert Email Message as Embedded Object (Word 2007)

Embedding objects into your document is particularly useful when it comes to tracing an item that ties to a sequence of activities or when you need to quickly refer to something. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to embed an email message (from Outlook) into a document.

Create Two Tables Side by Side (Word 2007)

Creating a basic table is dead easy. But what if you want to create more than one table and place them side by side? When my colleague threw this question at me, I thought there may be a function that could quickly do this…there wasn’t. Fret not, there’s a way to resolve this!

Change the Colour of a Bulleted List (Word 2007)

My colleague was absolutely baffled when he discovered one bullet in a list of items that has a different colour than the default black. Well, there are three ways to fix this.