Sort Table (Word 2007) – Part III

Sorting text (Part I) and numbers (Part II) in a table are perhaps, some of the most common functions that we normally use in Word. But what about sorting a table according to priority, or preference?

Sort According to Priority / Preference

I was in the midst of creating a table with many rows of items when all of a sudden, my boss told me to rearrange the rows in an order that he thought was more important. Thankfully, there is an easier way to handle this. Look at the table below (I know it’s a lot shorter, but hey, this is just an example).


Let’s say, he wants to switch the second row to the first and the first row to the second. He also wants to move the last row up.


Follow these simple steps:

1.  Re-number the first column according to the preferred arrangement, i.e., replacing the number 1 with 2, 2 with 1, 3 with 4 and 4 with 3.


2.  Place your cursor in the first column (or anywhere in the table). Alternatively, click the table move handle  on the top left hand corner of the table (this handle will automatically appear when you move the cursor over the table).

3.  Select the Layout tab and click the Sort button from the Data group.


4.  The Sort dialog box appears. By default, the text No. is displayed in the Sort by dropdown list because the table captures the text of the first column in the table.


5.  Notice that the Type field changes to Number. Select the Ascending option and leave all other default settings as they are.

6.  Click the OK button and voila! The table is now sorted according to its priority / preference!


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