Remove Unwanted Title from Handout Master (PowerPoint 2007)

I was printing a set of presentation slide handouts (two slides per page) when I noticed an extra title appearing on top of every printed page. This title also appeared when I converted the slide handouts into PDF format.

printed page 1

Well, turns out that I just need to remove the unwanted title from the handout master. Here’s how:

1.  Click the View tab and select Handout Master from the Presentation Views group.

printed page 2

2.  The presentation view is changed to the Handout Master view. Select the title by clicking on the text resize handle bar. Hit the Delete button.

printed page 3

3.  Click the Close Master View button to exit the Handout Master view mode.

printed page 4

4.  To double-check that the title does not appear during printout (or conversion to PDF), click the Office button (otherwise known as the “Pizza” button) and select Print. From the submenu that appears, select Print again.

printed page 5

5.  A Print dialog box will appear. Under the Print what section, click the dropdown list button and select Handouts. Select the number of slides you would like to print per page under the Handouts section. In this case, I’ve selected 2. Click the Preview button.

printed page 6

6.  The handouts in print preview mode will show you exactly how the slides will be printed on a page. Now you can’t see the title appearing on the top of the page, can you?
printed page 7

3 Responses to Remove Unwanted Title from Handout Master (PowerPoint 2007)

  1. Robert says:

    This has saved me much frustration, many thanks!!

  2. Joop says:

    You, sir, are my hero.

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