Insert Multiple Lines of Text within the Same Cell (Excel 2007)

Most of the action logs that I’ve created and maintained contain detailed updates to each action item in a cell. However, I don’t want the cell to look too cluttered with these updates, and I prefer to insert a new line for every update that I have. In other words, I’m creating a line break within the same cell. Here’s an example of a cluttered cell:


Looks a bit too messy, isn’t it? Well, to make it more readable, each new line in the cell will begin with the date (in bold). Here’s how:

1.  Double-click on the cell to make it editable. Place the cursor in front of the digit “2” (of the date 25-Aug-11) as shown below:


2.  Press the Alt button and hold it down while you press the Enter button on your keyboard (you can also hit both buttons at the same time, but be careful not to hit the Enter button first). Now the cell will look like this:


3.  Repeat the step above (remember to place the cursor in front of the first digit of every date). The end results will look like this:


Pretty simple, isn’t it? If you are used to hitting the spacebar button to push the text all the way to the next line, well, don’t waste your time. The text will not automatically wrap itself around the cell if you want to resize your cell (either expand or shrink it) and it looks something like this:



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