Delete A Specific Word with Find and Replace Function (Excel 2013)

Delete A Specific Word with Find and Replace Function (Excel 2013)

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How to Restore Scroll Bars (Excel 2013)

How to Restore Scroll Bars (Excel 2013)

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Get (Spookily) Creative with Your Department Meeting Presentation (PowerPoint 2013)

Get (Spookily) Creative with Your Department Meeting Presentation (PowerPoint 2013)

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How to Effectively Use Google Search for Getting the Best Image

How to Effectively Use Google Search for Getting the Best Image

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Create a Slide’s Footer Using Shape with Gradient (PowerPoint 2013)

I know, I know…I’ve been MIA for like an eternity (blame the darn ravioli!) In my earlier post (zion ages ago), I’ve highlighted some interesting ways to spice up your regular agenda slide. Now, I’ll show you how to create a slide footer that is slightly different from the conventional ones – using a shape and fill it with gradient.

Interesting Ideas for Eye-Catching Agenda Slide (PowerPoint 2013)

Let me tell you this. I was totally flabbergasted when I was approached by the Head of Department who seeks for my permission to use my agenda slide for her department meeting. W. O. W. Totally. Floored. I think it would be a good idea to share some interesting agenda slides that I’ve created for work and especially for this post. Now, let’s deviate from the normal (boring) agendas and get kicking with these interesting ones!

Use Both Portrait and Landscape Pages in the Same Document (Word 2013)

As much as we want to use only portrait pages in all our documents, but let’s face it, life is not all rosy and pinky as we want it to be! I’ve often been tortured asked by colleagues on how to use two different page orientations in the same document. It seems pretty easy to do this with a document that does not have a proper header and footer. The challenge that is so often encountered is a document with a header that contains text and logo, and a footer that contains the page numbers, text, etc. And the worst part is… you only want SELECTED pages in the document to have different page orientations.

Remove Leading Space from Multiple Rows (Excel 2013)

My latest adventure in work got me splitting some data into rows and then scratching my head (unnecessarily) for a situation I didn’t expect after the split… There are over 40 country codes living happily together in one cell but I have to be Cruella de Vil and split them up into lonely individual row. Unfortunately, the split comes with excess baggage – a leading space.

Criteria Vs. Criterion – The Common Mistakes Made

I’m pretty sure many of you often use the word “criteria” in your project documents, reports and presentations. What about “criterion”? Do you even know such word exists? Go ahead, do a quick test and ask your colleague about it.

How to Emulate Website Overlay Technique in PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2013)

Website overlay is widely used to give users focused attention on something. This technique is often adopted to promote a newly launched product, get users to sign up for newsletters, showcase a gallery of photos, alert users of system error or prompt users for action. Isn’t it great to use this overlay technique in your presentation, especially if you want to conduct a system demonstration or training?

The Trick to Inserting an Image in a Specific Cell without the Need for Macro (Excel 2013)

Inserting an image into an Excel file is very easy and straightforward as you would do so in any Word or PowerPoint file. The challenging bit is…to insert an image in a specific cell. This also means that you intend to ‘lock’ an image in a particular cell so that the image will stay put in that cell only. You don’t really need macro to help you with this. You just need a little trick to do the job!

How to Apply New Template to Existing Presentation Slide & What to Do Next (PowerPoint 2013)

You will probably find these scenarios familiar. Scenario 1. You are in the midst of preparing a presentation for a project kick-off meeting with the client. Your division then blasts an email, requiring all project delivery team members to use the latest corporate template as part of the compliance process. Scenario 2. You are knee-deep in preparing a presentation for a project progress meeting with the client. The client then comes back to you and says “Please use our template instead”. What would you do in these situations?

2 Interesting Ways to Create Bulleted Lists (PowerPoint 2013)

Generally, when preparing a presentation slide, most of us would use the default bullet style in PowerPoint (yes, that boring, black dot).  In fact, I’ve seen the same bullet style being used in almost all of the projects I’ve worked on for the past nine years. The only minor deviation from the rather traditional style, is the use of other bullet types, i.e. the ones you can easily select from the bullet library.

How to Remove Document Information Panel (Office 2013)

Are you annoyed by the Document Information Panel (DIP) that appears every time you open your file? This panel seems to appear in some of the Microsoft Office files that are downloaded from the company’s SharePoint server. If you are, well, I have a solution for you (but it’s not exactly permanent!).