Monthly Archives: April 2019

Build Your Own Table of Contents (Word 2013)

Got tired of using Word’s default built-in Table of Contents (TOC)? Looking all too plain and boring? Why not control your own destiny TOC and make it a little more interesting? You can add colours, make the headings bigger or smaller, and even control the spacing for the headings.

You May Not Know This, But You Can Simulate Mobile Device with Chrome Browser!

Yep, Chrome is more than just an ordinary browser. It’s jam-packed with loads of other features that most of us ordinary folks wouldn’t be using it. The one that’s most useful in my line of work is Chrome’s ability to simulate mobile device right from the PC!

The Trick to Animating Multiple Objects with the Same Animation Style (PowerPoint 2013)

This is one helluva useful trick I’ve learnt that saves me time when I need to create the same animation style for multiple objects (especially if the animation is complex and you really don’t want to painstakingly recreate it click-by-click). The tool that’ll save your life is Animation Painter!