Website Update and Maintenance

Your company’s website (or portal) should contain information that is useful to the public and most importantly, updated. It is simply meaningless to create a website with obsolete information or links that doesn’t point to the correct destination. Moreover, as technology is rapidly evolving, your business will eventually need to evolve with the changing demands. So, why don’t you delegate these updating and maintenance tasks to me, and save yourself from the hassle?

Website Update and Maintenance include the following activities:

  1. Update obsolete information (e.g., add new product, change graphics, edit contact information, updates to calendar events, text re-writes)
  2. Update site map
  3. Periodic backup of files
  4. Periodic checks on broken links and non-loading images
  5. Release news articles / announcements
  6. Manage domain and hosting renewals
  7. Review website (annually) and provide recommendation for improvements

Note: The above list is not exhaustive.