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Top 4 Basic Formulas You Should Know (Excel 2010)

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Simple Conditional Formatting (Excel 2010)

Conditional formatting in Excel has many useful purposes. I normally use it to alert or warn me if a certain condition is met (or otherwise). Let me get started on how I use this feature in a spreadsheet that I have developed to monitor the status of a data migration project.

Change the Formatting of Selected Words Throughout the Document (Word 2010)

Most of us use the Find and Replace function for basic word search and/or to replace an existing word with a new one. You can certainly do more than that. Here’s the scenario. An engineer came up to me and asked whether he could do a global change on the formatting for selected words throughout a 20-page document without having to search and replace it one by one. Well, of course he can. Here’s how:

Top 5 Commonly Misused Singular Words in IT Documentation

I have been working in the IT industry for almost eight years and frequently encountered common singular words that are misused in project documentation. Just like the singular word “furniture”, these words do not have plural forms:

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Three Useful Tips to Control Your Slide Show (PowerPoint 2010)

While there are countless tips and tricks out there, these three are perhaps the most widely used based on my experience so far.